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Mobile Learning @ Roane State | Roane State Libraries: iPad classroom carts

This guide supports the implementation of mobile learning at Roane State Community College.

iPad Classroom Carts at Roane State

Beginning early Spring 2013, Roane State faculty can check out iPad carts from the libraries at Harriman and Oak Ridge. Use must be scheduled in advance. Faculty must receive cart use training before getting access to the cart schedule.

This guide provides general information about the classroom iPad carts, their use and how faculty can request training and then schedule times for classroom use.


bretford carts

Schedule Classroom iPad Cart

This schedule reflects currently scheduled uses of the Roane State Community College Library's classroom iPad carts. Carts are currently only available at the Harriman and Oak Ridge locations. For more information about scheduling a cart, see Frequently Asked Questions.


Request iPad Classroom Cart Form

Recommend an app for the Classroom Cart

Frequently Asked Questions


Provide Feedback


Request iPad Classroom Cart

Frequently Asked Questions about Library iPad Classroom Cart Program

Notice: These answers reflect current library policy/procedure regarding use of the Bretford iPad carts. This information is subject to change as new policies and procedures are developed.


Q. Are iPad carts available for classroom use on my campus?

A. The library currently provides iPad classroom carts at the Harriman and Oak Ridge campuses. We are currently in a pilot phase (Spring 2013) to determine how/if we should expand the program. We will evaluate our ability to support iPad classroom carts at other campuses in the future.

Q. How many iPads are available with the classroom cart?

A. Each cart currently houses 24 iPads. Cart capacity is 30 iPads. We plan to purchase additional iPads to fill the cart in FY2013-14.

Q. Who can request use of the iPad classroom cart?

A. Classroom carts are available primarily to faculty who have succesfully completed the required orientation/training provided by library services. Since carts were purchased with TAF money, they are to be used primarily for activities that directly impact students. Scheduling priority is given to classroom use. Other uses will be considered subject to scheduled availability. All cart users must successfully complete the required orientation/training before scheduling cart use.

Q. Who cannot request use of the iPad classroom cart?

A. Classroom carts are intended to be used by trained faculty in the classroom. Students cannot request use of iPad carts. Student-use iPads are available in the Harriman and Oak Ridge campus libraries.

Q. Can I borrow just a few iPads from the cart if I don't need all of them?

A. No. Specific iPads are assigned to specific carts. Carts checkout as a complete set. We cannot checkout single iPads from the cart and cannot loan iPads from the cart. We need these carts to have all iPads available and ready for scheduled use.

Q. How do I schedule the cart for my class?

A. You can request use of the iPad classroom cart from the iPad classroom cart request form. Cart availability will be monitored and publicized through a Google calendar. Requests for classroom iPad carts should be made at least one week in advance of need. Requests are monitored and approved by the Director of Library Services or his designee. Requests will only be approved by individuals who have successfully completed required cart training. Priority is given to the earliest requestor with preference to direct classroom uses. When necessary,resolution of scheduling conflicts will be resolved by the library director in consultation with the requesting parties. 

Q. What apps are currently available on the classroom cart?






  • BlueFire Reader
  • ebrary
  • Kobo
  • iBooks
  • Stanza
  • Kindle
  • nook
  • BBC News
  • Bloomberg
  • CNN
  • ESPN ScoreCenter
  • Guardian Eyewitness
  • NPR
  • USA Today
  • Weather Channel

  • Brainscape
  • FAMIShoulder
  • i.AM Search
  • Quizlet
  • Socrative

  • Dragon Dictation
  • Educreations
  • Evernote
  • Prezi Viewer

  • Discovery
  • iTunes U
  • Khan Academy
  • PBS
  • TED

Q. How can I recommend apps to be added to the classroom cart?

A. Use the Classroom Cart Recommended App form. Be specific and provide as much information as possible, including your name and contact information for follow-up. Requests will be considered based on cost, technical quality, uniqueness and other criteria. Requests for classroom cart apps may be denied. If denied, an explanation will be provided along with, where possible, suggested alternatives.

Q. What are the training requirements before scheduling use of the classroom iPad cart?

A. We want iPads to enhance the classroom experience. Training is required to ensure the operator understands the basic features and functions of the cart and the iPads before attempting to use with students in the classroom. Teaching with mobile technology takes practice. We want to increase the opportunity for positive outcomes.

Training competencies include the following:

  • physical cart
    • plug/unplug iPads
    • keep iPads in order
    • wheels
    • power
    • maneauver issues
  • iPad issues
    • how to establish and troubleshoot wireless connections
    • Safari browser basics
    • how to login and out of iTunes account
    • limitations -- printing, Flash, file saving, file sharing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Classroom management issues
  • Additional technical issues
    • presenting from student iPads
    • cloud-based storage
    • privacy
  • Logistics
    • get access to schedule
    • request cart
    • request and load apps

Q. How do I connect classroom cart iPads to the wireless network?

A. All classroom cart iPads are pre-set to connect to the RSCC-Owned network. This is the college's fastest, most reliable network available. No logins should be required to establish a wireless connection to the RSCC-Owned network using a classroom cart iPad.

Q. Who provides technical support for the library's iPad classroom carts?

The library and CTAT work together to support instructional use of classroom iPad carts. Staff are generally not available to accompany the cart and may not be available to provide point-of-service technical support during classtime.

The HelpDesk, as always, provides real-time. point-of-service technical support for issues related to the wireless network and other infrastructure issues. The HelpDesk does not offer point-of-service support for iPad cart issues beyond wireless network/infrastructure. The Helpdesk reserves the right to refer calls for technical suppor to Library Services and/or CTAT. Library Services and/or CTAT will follow up when available but cannot offer realtime classroom support for issues relayed through the Help Desk.